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The Airail project comprised an interactive environment and chill-out lounge exploring the theme of networked transport by means of light effects, video and sound. The "mobile" multimedia world was presented at the Airail Terminal at the Airport Frankfurt from 6/1-12/1/2000 as EXPO 2000 satellite project.

Watch a short video docu

View the Airail storyboard concept (in German)

small video projectors were embedded in the sculptural
objects of the interactive landscape

The Airail interactive environment and chill-out lounge
is a Supreme Particles project 2000:
Concept: Michael Saup
Louis-Philippe Demers
Video : Anna Saup, Anne Niemetz, Joerg Rees
Music: Christian Reuning (DJ Tricky Chris)
Production: Fabian Hildenbrand
Producers: Satis&Fy (Frankfurt)
Sensor device: Cinetix (Frankfurt)





Transport systems integration for improved mobility
Frankfurt Airport as an integrated transportation hub
Comfortable, seamless, environmentally friendly travel, amid growing passenger and freight volumes

Interactive "Travel World": Diameter: 12 m, 31 Plexiglas pillars in a circular array in the AIRail Partners' colors: red (DB), yellow (LH), blue (FAG: central pillar)

Visitors pass through light barriers, triggering light effects, video images and sounds

"Suitcase Cinema":
Booth in the shape of a giant RIMOWA suitcase presenting the Railway Check-in pilot program for Stuttgart-Frankfurt. Visitors enter the suitcase for a video presentation on baggage transfer

"Chill-Out Zone":
The "Chill-out Zone" focuses on comfort, relaxation and information. Comfortable armchairs. Varying light and sound effects create alternately speedy and peaceful atmosphere.

Three globe counters with touch-screen terminals provide information on AIRail Partners, transport systems integration, Railway Check-in pilot project, environment.