The backbone of the installation SUB_TRAKT is the software developed especially for this project.

On the one hand this software functions in the way of a "classical" tracker: it generates the parameters for the sound installation out of position, size and motion of the objects in the camera image (image -> sound; Lichthof 3).

On the other hand the tracked motion contributes in a new fashion to the forming of a virtual sculpture (image -> 3D object, Medientheater). To be able to create the specific organic look and vividness of the 3D object, it was necessary to be able to control every step in the generation of this sculpture through programming. The transformations of the sculpture are used to create another sound scape that correlates with its shape and enhances its spatial character (3D object -> sound).

Furthermore, the SUB_TRACKER collects the motion data of each day and cartographs the structure of the average spatial usage (image -> compressed image). The motion maps also reflect the influence of the installation on the visitors.
SUB_TRAKT uses regular Windows-PCs and was programmed in C++. The algorithms were either developed completely from scratch or customized to fit the specific problems and aesthetic aims. The incoming video image is analyzed and interpreted through a combination of up to ten transformation steps.
The program itself consists of 33225 programming lines (including comments), and uses various and overlapping procedures to reach the desired interpretation of the original image data.

Holger Förterer