"Imagine an open space of a market place on the countryside thickly
covered by snow, and here and there various trodden paths and
driveways constitute the natural communication lines given through
traffic. Between these, unevenly scattered, spots remain
untouched by traffic, which is where our snowmen stand because
only there the required pure snow was found
." *

First concept for a spatial observation
A camera observes the space from above [1], and stores a movie [2] every 10th image overlapped to one image [3] the complete video-signal overlapped to a single image [4] the image is inverted [5] the "untouched" areas are enhanced [6] and extracted for further processing.
First observation of a public space
Kaiserplatz Karlsruhe – 1 hour observation
*Sitte, Camillo: Der Städtebau nach seinen künstlerischen Grundsätzen. Vermehrt um „Großstadtgrün “, S.26, Reprint der 4.Aufl.von 1909, Braunschweig/ Wiesbaden 1983