work by anne niemetz | project archive
The Wearable Technology video channel is featuring new 2018 projects created at the VUW School of Design.

Exhibition of Drone Sweet Drone at DIFFERENT EYES, a drone art exhibition, MONOPOL:i gallery, Siegen, Germany, 18th – 30th September 2018. Drone Sweet Drone was previously shown at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017, Austria, as part of the exhibition 'Feminist Climate Change - Beyond The Binary'.

2018 video documentations for the David Bermant kinetic art collection: Julio Le Park - Continual Mobile 1969, Ceiling Lights Sculpture 1975, Alan Rath - Roto I 2008, Earl Reiback - Lumia 1967, Ted Victoria - Think About It 1991

The fishes and I were portrayed in the Humans of Aro Valley project by Kalen Acquisto. Aro Valley Community Centre, NZ, March 22, 2018.

I was immortalised in the board game Myth of Theuth by qujOchÖ, Feb 2018: "Myth of Theuth, our game for artists, philosophers & gods has been extended with a X-Flash-Station. It is called 'The Mind is a Slaytor' and dedicated to the winner from our presentation at last years Ars Electronica Festival 2017, the almighty Anne Niemetz aka Niemo."